Industrial Salt Refine Salt

Industrial Salt  Refine Salt

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Brand Name︰M&S

Country of Origin︰Pakistan

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Product Description

  1. Sheep Casing Grade Salt.

The Sheep Casing grade


                                 M&S Sheep casing Grade salt use for preserving sheep, Goat casing for manufacturing of leather products. We have different grading of salt as per customer requirements. Animal Industry mostly uses this salt for casing of animals for leather industry, for production of leather products. This way of preserving leather thousand of year old. Our R&D department working on it continuously to grading Salt as per casing requirements. After long timing effort of our R&D we are in position to supply Salt as per buyer demands and as per grading.

  1. Ultra Pure Refine Salt.


Ultra Pure refine salt mostly use in medical purposes. Like production of tooth paste and other medicine like that, Our R&D team purified this special kind of refine salt for medical products.

 Our company have policy never compromises on quality of specific product. R&D always committed about quality.




  1. Soap, Detergent and Glycerin



Salt is an important ingredient of manufacturing of Soap, Detergent, and Glycerin. M&S have good quality of salt for manufacturing of Soap, Detergent, and Glycerin. Our R&D team works on salt to find better and better quality for production of better products.







4.Natural Industrial Salt.










Salt is essential part of life. You cannot live without it. Most of people don’t understand that there is enormous different between the quality of different type of salt. Refine and table and cooking salt most of you are accustomed to using and natural health promoting salt.

This different have good impact on your health at same way in industry also needs salt for different processing. But the kind of salt and its functions and advantages are very important to know before usage.

Himalayan Salt contains all the mineral and trace elements which are very use full for functioning properly in industry. Refine salt use in industry for different processing liking cooling of processing. And dying the colors for garments. We have different type of Refine salt in different sizes for different industries.

Our R&D always researching to find better product that is better for our customers. Our company has policy never compromise on quality and product processing for better functions.


Himalayan salt contains all the minerals and trace elements of which our bodies are made. Natural salt is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body. Himalayan salt has no preservatives or additives.

Doctors and alternative therapists agree that Himalayan salt is the cleanest salt available on the planet to deliver remarkable health benefits.
It consists of the most perfect geometric structure possible in rock crystals, the result of millions of years of compression under the Earth's surface.

Himalayan crystal salt contains an almost identical set of elements to those found inside the human body, 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals, in the same proportion as naturally exists in our blood.


What about Table Salt?


Table salt or sodium chloride is extremely toxic. Some table salt contains aluminum hydroxide (a toxic metal and a known cause of Alzheimer's). Regular table salt is usually iodized. Naturally occurring iodine is essential, but added iodine is considered a toxic metal.


What about Sea Salt?


The problem with sea salt is that many of the oceans waters are polluted with heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and more. Oil disasters and leaking tankers pollute our oceans even more. Today sea salt is not as good as it was in the past.


Himalayan Natural Salt Contains Electrolytes


Electrolytes such as sodium, calcium and potassium help restore your bodies' fluids. Electrolytes are what your cells (especially nerve, heart and muscle) use to maintain voltages across cell membranes and to carry nerve impulses and muscle contractions across themselves and to other cells. Electrolytes have to be continually replaced whenever you sweat.

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