How to import our products

Import Process

                        If you are first time importer please read this process it will guide you broadly to select order for your minimizing cost.


                 To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate and reliable as of the date of publication; however, we do not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of the below information.

Malik Irfan And Sons assume no liability whatsoever for results obtained or loss or damage incurred as a result of application of any data or information presented herein.  It is the customers’ responsibility to inspect and to analyze the mode of shipments that suits them best and personally research for all information on importing goods.

Malik Irfan And Sons is exporting goods world widely and there are almost some legal differences in importing goods from country to country so you may consult your local freight forwarder for complete and exact information.

How to Import Malik Irfan and Sons Products.

Modes of Shipment.

                                   Internationally to import goods you should registered your company under the chamber of commerce in your country where you live. You should registered import license in your country for import, Bank Account affiliated with the name of your company. VAT registration and registration with freight forwarding company.

But this is not for via shipment through courier company services. But if you have these documents, These documents create way to open account under courier service which give you good offer to reduce your courier cost.

Three ways to import products it’s up to volume and up to your order and time span.

1. Shipping by courier

2. Shipping by Air

3. Shipping by Sea



1. Shipping by courier.

                                        Shipping of courier is Hassel free mode shipping. You don’t need to registered company for placing order, you just only place order and goods will reach at door steps. You will pay duties to Courier Company and other charges we only charge you products cost. This type of import is convenient for low quantity order but it very costly 8 times higher then Air freight and Sea freight.

There are various courier companies who work world wide Like DHL, Skynet, UPS.  This type of shipment will reach within week at your door steps.

2. Shipping by Air Freight.

                              In this kind of shipment you need a company which can allow you to import goods. You need to hire service of freight forwarding agent near your destination Air port.

This type of shipment is suitable for less than 1000 kg orders. It will take 9 to 10 days.

This kind of services is cheaper then courier services.

3. Shipping by Sea.

                                In this kind of shipping you need to hire services from Freight clearing agent of dry port near your destination. This type of shipment is big deal and very cheap then air freight and courier services. You can order more than 5000 kg to containers of 20 ft.

20 feet container contains 20000 kg to 24000 kg. We recommended you this type of order because this effect on price of overall product cost and reduce it 8 times more than courier cost.

This type of shipment will take 4 to 8 weeks.



MALIK IRFAN AND SONS is certified company. We work on all available grades of salt, for both industrial and domestic use.
In the beginning, the production of salt by M&S was only ten ton per day.
The team of M&S started working on expansion and continuous quality management and 10 years later, we are producing excellent quality salt with an installed capacity of 300 tons per day in different type of Himalayans Rock Salt products.

Our customers include almost all the quality conscious buyers who desire pure, hygienic, and delicious salt in Pakistan and abroad.


Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Products Effects.


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The most dangerous levels of harmful positive ions occur in the polluted, large industrial and heavily populated cities. Exhaust fumes from cars, trucks, and buses; factory smoke, cigarette smoke, dust and soot, electromagnetic pollution, and overall atmospheric pollution caused by air and sea crafts; all combine to create a mixture of Harmful Positive Ions, and reduces the proportion of beneficial negative ions in our surroundings. This gradually affects our lungs, can ruin our health and cause general lethargy and depression.



Health Benefits

Negative Ions give the air its invigorating freshness and reduce the number of airborne bacteria, which is so beneficial to us. Although negative ion theory is by no means mainstream, many health practitioners in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan use the Salt Crystal Lamps extensively in their recommended treatments of allergies, neuralgia, hypertension, respiratory problems, rheumatism, kidney or liver conditions & hormonal imbalance, sinus, migraine headaches, blood system diseases, to reduce the asthma attacks, enhance the immune system, increase alertness, increase work productivity, increase lung capacity, reduce susceptibility to colds and flu, and for color therapy.


Salt crystal lamps help breath more comfortably to the people suffering with Asthma, Respiratory problem and Chronic Bronchitis.


Salt crystal lamps boost the number of negative ions in the room. Excessive negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood. Bioenergetics vibrations improve the energy level and strengthen one's nervous system, harmonize the function of sexual glands, and even help to promote sexual energy. That's why people suffering from chronic congestive problems go to clinics located in salt mines for treatment. It is called SPELEOTHERAPY. The very dry, negative ion-rich environment of these salt mines helps to clear out the patients' bronchial tubes and sinuses, and to kill bacteria and other microbes. Others, including many from the USA, swim/float in the salt and mineral rich Dead Sea in Israel.


For health benefits, Negative Ionizers are well recognized in many countries. Most ionizers in the market are man-made machines, while the Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful, less costly, maintenance free, and 100% natural alternative to improve air quality.


Places to Use Salt Lamps

Breathing pure clean air not only keeps us alive, but also motivates us to achieve better, sleep more soundly, and live more healthily. Our salt crystal lamps are 100% Natural air ionizers, and are best recommended to be used on the following locations:


1. Salt crystal lamps are highly suitable for daily use in the whole house. A Salt Crystal Lamp in your vicinity will help your well-being and keep the air around you healthy, clean, naturally ionized, and energetic. Best recommended in bed rooms, in living rooms, in dining rooms, in the hall way, in meditation rooms, near televisions, near computers and around smokers.


2. Parents, place a comforting Salt Crystal Lamp by your child's bedside. It is a completely safe and lovely night light, and will enhance your child's sound sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean and healthy.


3. A lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, minimizing the effects of fatigue, stress, artificial lights, artificial air environment, and radiation from office equipment particularly your computer monitor.


4. Doctors and Dentists, a Salt Crystal Lamp glowing in your consulting or treating room assists the healing process and adds to a calming environment.


5. Salt lamp is a beautiful convalescent. While you recover from an illness, a lamp by your bedside will be a comforting and healthful companion.


6. A lamp or two in the massage room will remarkably enhance and create natural concentration, a feeling of well-being, a pleasant environment and will also keep the air fresh.


7. A few lamps around smoky areas will clear away those lingering smells faster. Highly suitable for coffee shops, bars, pubs, cabarets, casinos and nightclubs, where the cigarette smoke regularly deteriorates the air quality by absorbing a lot of negative ions from the room, thus making the air unhealthy. A few salt lamps will add significant number of negative ions in the vicinity to make the atmosphere pleasant, harmonious, and healthy.


8. A few lamps used in a health club, Gym or any indoor sports room, will enhance the quality of the fresh air, comforting gymnasts to breathe in much healthy atmosphere while exercising. Salt crystal lamps are also used in color therapy, i.e. chromo therapy. Their soothing light helps neurotic persons and people suffering from insomnia.


Well, our salt crystal lamps can be used anywhere you want to restore or maintain the natural air quality, to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere and pleasant environment or to enjoy the beauty of Nature.


The natural salt crystal lamp is a beautiful effective air ionizer, works without any noise and NO harmful OZONE!


Taking Care of your Lamp


Salt has hygroscopic properties, which means that it draws water from the surrounding atmosphere.

Salt Crystal Lamps should therefore never be sprinkled with water.

Keep in a dry environment at all times.

Lamp should not be placed outdoors.

Sometime, in particularly moist or humid conditions, the lamp surface may be slightly damp to the touch. Lighting it for a few hours dries it very quickly.

It is recommended that you keep your lamp turned on every day for the best air purifying results, and you can leave your lamp on for as long as possible. This will not only maintain a constant negative ionizing process, but also repel excess moisture build up around the lamp.

If you plan not to use the lamp for longer periods of time, just cover the lamp with a plastic bag as prevention from humid conditions.

To remove dust, use only a damp (not soaking wet) cotton cloth or sponge.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Always unplug the lamp before changing the light bulb to prevent electric shock

FAQ Salt Lamps

Frequently Asked Himalayan Salt Product Questions


Is your Himalayan Salt Authentic?

Absolutely. Our Himalayan salt is 100% Authentic, mined from the superior Khewra Mines in Pakistan. Some companies mine from the plains, or flat lands, farther away from the Himalayan Mountain Range. Our salt is mined from the foothills (or base) of the actual Himalayan Mountains. This is the optimal spot for salt mining.

What is the difference between a Salt Crystal Lamp and a Salt Crystal Candle Holder?

Both our salt crystal lamps and salt crystal candle holders are made of 100% authentic Himalayan crystal salt. The main difference is that the lamps are illuminated by a 15-watt candelabra-based bulb and the candle holders are illuminated by a tea light. The lamps are better for air ionization, as they have more surface area and are illuminated for longer periods of time due to the fact that they are powered by a bulb.

Does the salt crystal degrade over time?

As long as you do not submerge the crystal in water or expose it to excessive moisture, the crystal will last virtually forever. At times of extreme humidity, the salt may "sweat", but if the lamps are on, then the heat of the bulb will prevent this "sweating" even during humid conditions. With the candle holders, we simply recommend placing a non-paper coaster underneath the crystal if the surface upon which it is placed is sensitive. The lamps do not require this as they come with a wooden base attached.

These lamps are really beautiful. Where do they come from?

The lamps come from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Each salt crystal lamp is chipped out by hand and a hole is bored in the base for the light.

What are the health benefits of the lamps?

When the salt crystal rock heats up, it emits negative ions. These ions clean the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, cigarette smoke and bacteria. They also offset the effects of the positive ions produced by computer monitors, TV's and other electrical devices. Negative ions are also produced in nature by thunderstorms, waterfalls and the ocean. That's why we feel refreshed and energized in these environments. The lamps offer this same benefit.

What kind of places do your customers use the lamps?

One of my customers had an air ionizing machine in her child's room but she had to turn it off at night because it was too noisy. With the salt lamp, she gets a natural alternative for ionizing which makes no noise and can stay on 24 hours a day. Plus the lamp functions as a nightlight and the child just loves it. It's a common reaction with children. They're captivated by the lamps as soon as they see them. Many people purchase these lamps for their children in college. Most, if not all Universities, do not allow the burning of candles in their dorms and the lamps give that same glow without the flame. Some customers buy lamps to combat cigarette smoke. The lamp's ionizing effect helps remove the smoke smell from rooms in the home by condensing the ash particles in the air.

Do I have to do anything to look after the lamp?

Once a month, we recommend you unplug the lamp and wipe it down with a damp cloth. This will remove any dust or dirt. Then just plug the lamp back in and the heat will dry it off.


Is there any danger or potential hazard with the lamp?

We give our customers the same warning about the lamps that you find on a hairdryer. The lamps are electrical devices and should not be used in baths or near water. When wiping the lamp with a damp cloth, the lamp should always be unplugged first.

What gives the lamps their distinctive colors?

The lamps contain 84 different minerals just like the human body. These natural inclusions account for the unique coloring and patterns within each lamp. The apricot colors come from Manganese. The robust red comes from Iron.


Suggestions for Buying Guidance of Whole Sale Business.

Buying Salt in Bulk

The first step in the perfect salt lamp to meet your requirements is buying crystal salt that's prepared for mass production. Buying crystals salt ready for mass production is the 1st step to the perfect salt lamp.} By selecting a reputable manufacturer like us, you may be sure that all of your lamps will meet your order directions and be of the best quality possible from start to finish. When you choose a very reputable manufacturer like us, you can be rest assured that every lamp that you ordered are up to the directions and in the best quality from start to finish.

Salt Lamp Selection Process
When we receive your order and begin to fill it, our first consideration is that we match the color preferences you outlined. The first thing we do when we get your order is to match the color and preferences that you've outlined. Second, we match the scale of the crystals to the dimensions of the lamps you ordered. Next comes the matching of the dimensions of the crystals to the size of the lamps ordered.} We use our privately contracted mine to ensure that your order is exactly what you need. We’ve got a privately contracted mine to be sure that you get what you exactly ordered.

Shaping Salt Lamps
To turn a raw salt crystal into a beautiful lamp, our craftsmen are prepared for any challenge. Turning raw crystal into an intricately decorated lamp is a ready challenge for our craftsmen. Each piece is sent for chipping, and then the crystal is made into a workable shape. Each artistic work is sent for chipping and the crystal is then manipulated into a workable shape. Details are rigorously worked into each piece until the end product is prepared to be shipped to you. Details are then added into each piece until is ready for shipping.

Finishing Salt Lamps
At this point, the salt lamp is ready for the final production steps. Here, the salt lamp is at its last production.} The lamp is formed and polished, and the mandatory elements to turn the crystal into a lamp are added. The lamps are shaped and polished and the necessary materials are added to turn the crystal into a lamp. It is here that the lamp receives the upgrades that you can add to each order. The lamp then gets the upgrades that you have detailed in your order. Whether it's chrome steel components or a wood base, the finishing touches are conscientiously added before you see your order. It can be immaculate steel or a wood base and the other finishing touches are added before you can view your order.

Packaging Salt Lamps
Even in the shipping process, you are in full control. You are still in full control even in the shipping process. You can select from a basic cardboard box, a pretty glossy white box or even full color published boxes. You can either choose the very basic cardboard box, a glossy white box and even broadcast boxes...

Shipping Salt Lamps and Tiles/Bricks by Less than Container and Full Container Loads
Dependent on how many salt lamps you ordered, you will have the choice between full container shipping and less than full container shipping. Depending on the amount of salt lamps ordered, you also have the choice to employ a full container shipping or less than full container shipping.} With less than container shipping, the price tag per unit will be higher, but it allows first time buyers to economize overall by ordering less units. In less than container shipping, the price tag will be higher per unit but it permits beginner buyers to save money from ordering lesser units. With full container shipping, you will receive more lamps at a better price per lamp. In full container shipping, you get more lamps at a lower cost.

We personally oversee the Entire shipping process from the instant your lamps leave our factory to when they arrive at your home or business, and that includes dealing with customs procedures. The entire shipping process, from the instant it leaves the factory till the delivery to the actual address including customs procedures, is personally overseen by us.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Return Policy

we ensure that all of your salt lamp orders are insured against breakage or loss. All salt lamp orders are insured against breakage or loss. While damage to your order is unlikely, we will gladly repay you should something happen. Although that going down is very improbable, we are happy to reimburse you for the damage. If your order arrives with a small amount of damage, you have five business days after your product arrives to document your claims. You are given five business days to document your claims when you receive the products with damage. We will then happily recompense you for your loss. We will then compensate you for the loss. Please see our complete service agreement below for more information. For more info, please read our entire service agreement below.


Step one: Select your Salt Products.

Welcome and many thanks for exploring the thrilling arena of salt lamps. Welcome to the arena of salt lamps and I'm thanking you for exploring this wondrous and exciting world. Step one to completing your order is to select the styles of lamps you want. The first step to make to finish your order is by selecting the style that you like. You can choose from Himalayan salt lamps, tea lights and bath salts. Select from Himalayan salt lamps, tile/bricks tea lights and bath salts. We will help you choose your first few orders if you want, or we will simply do everything possible to rapidly fill your order. We are glad to help choose your first orders or we can even do everything to quickly fill your order. After you know what you want to order, you can assemble a quote. Once you have placed your order, you can try for a quote.}

Please note that we are able to make custom salt lamp orders, too! Do not forget that we also do customized salt lamps! Previous customers have selected sport team brands, spiritual iconography and other exciting personal symbols. Past customers have added sport team symbols, non secular iconography and other private symbols.}

Step two: select Your Salt Lamp part Upgrades.
No order is complete without our optional component upgrades that we provide on all of our lamps. Your order is still not complete if it doesn't have our option element upgrades that can be added to all lamps. You can order individually branded boxes with your company brand to increased packing protection that will help to guarantee safe shipping, as well as many other fun and fascinating upgrades. Among other exciting upgrades, it is feasible to order individually branded boxes with company emblem as this will help packing protection and guarantees the safety in shipping.

Step three: Understanding Product Costs and Import costs.
While first time importing can be a confusing experience, our team of experts are here to make the process as painless as possible. We’ve got a team of experts that would help to make first time importers less confused with the whole process. We’re going to help you manage the importing process, including any customs issues, for each and every order you place with us. We are here to help manage the importing process, which also includes dealing with customs, for each order that you have placed.}.

We feel it is Important to tell you that we do not, in any way, profit from shipping costs. We think that it's important for you to grasp that we do not gain profit from shipping costs. We shall happily provide paperwork proving our costs to you so that you can buy with confidence. You should purchase confidently from us as we will be able to provide proper paperwork of the costs.} We promise the lowest aggregate shipping costs based primarily on all available quotes we receive from our many shipping partners. We agree to our promise of the lowest aggregate costs in shipping primarily based on the available quotes received from our shipping partners. Here is a short list of the commonest shipping fees our customers face: Here is a short list of the most common shipping charges


The shipping fee includes the Price of booking a shipping agent, loading your order onto a vessel, shipping the product to you and then unloading the shipment at your nearest port. Included in the shipping fee are the expenses of booking a shipping agent, loading the order to the vessel, real shipping of the product and unloading of the cargo to your nearest port.


Insurance is automated on all our shipments to protect from loss. Insurance is automatically placed on all orders to protect from damage and loss.


There is a customs clearance fee applicable to all orders since all goods depend on exams, holding and warehousing before and during inspection. The customs clearance fee is also added since all of the orders are examined.} There’s also a bank paperwork fee added to all orders, as well. Another is the bank paperwork fee which is also added to all orders.}

Step 4: Delivery.

The importing process generally takes between 8-10 weeks from start to finish. It typically takes 8 to 10 weeks for the importing process from start to finish.

Step five: Terms and Conditions.

Before your cargo can begin processing, we ask all of our clients to sign a service agreement that sketches out the roles and obligations of both of us. Before shipment can begin, we request all our clients to sign the service agreement which sketches out the roles and duties of both parties. This important document protects both our rights and yours. This is a vital document that protects both parties.


If you have placed a less than container order, we ask for full payment up front before beginning your order. We ask for full payment up front if you have placed a less than full container order. If you are placing a full container order, we ask for 60 % of the payment up front and the other 40% once it is shipped.


We proudly accept Bank Wire Transfer (T/T) form of payment L/C (Letter Of Credit).


Offer for Small Enterprises.

Placing a Massive order of salt lamps is the most cost effective way to import these precious creations, but we understand that most importers will only place a little order to start with. The most cost acceptable way to import these lovely products is by placing giant orders but then we also understand that there are some importers who want to start small. Plenty of our best consumers started off small and grew over time to become some of the finest known salt lamp shops in the world. A number of our best shoppers used to start small but as the time went by; their enterprises grew and grew until they were the famous salt lamp outlets in the world. Until you are prepared to make that jump, our wholesale sat lamp costs are really competitive and are an excellent choice for those just starting out. While you're still testing your wings, our wholesale salt lamp prices are a great bargain for you.}


About US


M&S the famous Pakistani Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt manufacturing company and Exporter, focuses greatly on satisfying its customers. But that alone is not reason enough for our customers to choose us over others. M&S would be a smart choice for all because:


The chamber of commerce 2004 certification is given to those companies only that meet a set of strict requirements set by International Organization for Standardization. According to the certification, the product should meet the customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


All the products at M&S are produced following the strict principles of food safety and hygiene. Our dedicated R&D department is always working on continuously improving the quality of our products.


M&S offers a large variety of good quality products that range from home décor products to industrial grade products. They are available in different grades and sizes depending on our customer’s requirements. These products are used in many different industries as raw material and finished products.


Our R&D department is not only focusing on improving the quality of our products but is also focused on innovation of our products and processes. The department is constantly coming up with different production.


There are no chemicals or artificial additives used in any of our production processes making our products all natural. The all natural products of M&S make them healthy and give them the natural taste that all health and quality conscious customers regard as desirable.